PSTD Blended learning is a blend of traditional classroom education practices with a modern technology based approach and known as a instructional program offered through a combination of two or more delivery modes.

Blended learning utilize a variety of approaches  including print based material, instructor-led training and web based learning models in PSTD class room settings. Blended learning has become the norm in large enterprises today as a method for delivering training to large, diverse employee populations.

This trend is driven in large part by the need to deliver more kinds of training to more employees in more places within existing training budgets. The definition of blended learning has also changed from a simple blend of classroom training and elearning courses to more complex programs that incorporate an array of synchronous and asynchronous learning modalities. Whatever the mix, the goal is to empower the individual to achieve understanding of a given topic, become self-sufficient, improve his or her job performance and ultimately drive results that support business objectives.